Foreign Languages

We at AAPTA train students and professionals in the top 4 global languages, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese. Also, we provide Translation and Interpretation services to Institutions and Organizations for above said Global languages.

Training course is designed as per standards and the market requirements, which helps you clear certification and to get foreign university admissions, Visa.

At AAPTA, we also believe that culture is equally important as learning a foreign language. So as a part of the course, you get trained and understand the culture of the respective country as well.


Japanese is one of the world’s oldest languages.

After the pandemic, most foreign countries have got resource crunch to fill the requirements for existing organizations and also for start-ups. Many foreign organizations are looking for young talent to work in their countries and India is their first choice as our country has a good relationship.

Japan is the hub for robotics, commerce, animation, medical services, hotel management, and several other fields. Ample opportunities are waiting for young and talented ones with proficiency in the Japanese language.

The Japanese language Training and Certification program is designed in 5 levels, N5 is the basic and N1 is the advanced Level.

At Aapta, our highly trained tutors teach the language along with their cultures and also the course is designed as per the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) authorised board which conducts the test to certify Japanese language proficiency.


Germany is the most widely spoken language throughout Europe, as Germany remains Europe’s most dominant economy. So, German is the most important language to learn if you are doing or planning to do business in Europe.

Learning German has many advantages. The biggest advantage is getting free tuition for candidates who can speak the language in German public Universities which will be very much useful for students who are looking for higher studies in Germany. Also, Germany is the main hub for career opportunities in engineering, automobile, power, IT, education, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

The German language course is constructed on four specific skills – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Our language experts who have vast knowledge in their respective fields of study conduct the classes.

The levels of expertise are counted from A1 to C2 during the German language learning journey.


French is one of the easiest languages to learn for a native English speaker. Proficiency in French is essential for anyone considering a career in any international organisation. Learning French not only helps you get a good job in India but also helps you meet various new opportunities in foreign countries. French is the official language in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland. Home speakers can be found in Italy. It is one of the official languages of the European Union. In India, we could see that schools have started giving the French language as one of the subjects.

Our curriculum is designed according to the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). Participants are assessed on the level of A1 (basic level) to C2 (most advanced level).


Spanish is the most widely spoken language after Mandarin. Spanish is the second language in the USA and the second most popular language in Europe. Learning to speak Spanish, is a very good choice where you can increase your chances of being able to work from anywhere in the world. Learning Spanish will help your career. Spanish is one of the easy languages to learn. Learning Spanish makes you more employable.

Spanish is simpler to pronounce and most English speakers find it easier to learn to speak fluently Spanish.

Spanish is the official language of 21 countries and the native language of more than 400 million people. Most international clients prefer to do business in their own native language and learning Spanish certainly keeps you ahead of the crowd in the competition.

Spanish language learning starts from level A1 – beginner to level C2 – Advanced.